Dotting the ‘i’s and …

Coupled with our flare for intelligent designs, is our ethos of casting an astute editorial eye over every title we layout. We take pride and interest in the titles we produce. As part of the production process we will highlight any inconsistencies or typos. This service can be taken a step further whereby ‘house style’, global rules or changes (particularly to a series of titles) can be managed by 2ibooks. We have dedicated proofreaders who have hands on teaching experience, in a range of subjects, who would be able to give your titles a thorough final check.

Lost for words?

2ibooks can help! Our copy writing service is magic, we could help kick start a new area of your project, suggest alternative text if an area becomes a little stodgy or provide copy to keep your project on track, limiting the need to disturb the author.

Translation, traduzione, tradução …

Need your work translated? We have previously designed in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian and Cantonese.