Kids English Zone Books

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The Kids English Zone books expand on the vocabulary and structures of everyday situations presented in the programmes. The colour-coded sections and simple and clear rubrics make the books easy to use, and colourful characters bring the activities to life. The books are based on the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners (starters) syllabus.

EF English Guide



Certificate English Language

Pearson Longman

Features of the second edition include

  • Practice in all the skills that will be examined - composition, directed writing, comprehension and summary
  • New focus on preparation for oral examinations for Cambridge syllabus 1125 and 1126
  • Reference boxes to revise and reinforce grammar and language use
  • Practical advice on how to prepare for examination
  • Many tests for homework or examination practice
  • Sample examinations.

Success with English


The Breakthrough series takes learners from high-beginner to upper-intermediate level, building confidence and competence every step of the way. Learners are sure to succeed in English with Breakthrough. Breakthrough combines a dynamic, communicative methodology with a fully-integrated skills syllabus, placing strong emphasis on real-world language and everyday situations.