Kids English Zone Books

BBC Active

The Kids English Zone books expand on the vocabulary and structures of everyday situations presented in the programmes. The colour-coded sections and simple and clear rubrics make the books easy to use, and colourful characters bring the activities to life. The books are based on the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners (starters) syllabus.

Active Readers
10 Book Series

Letts Education

Active Readers are designed to make the reading process stimulating and easy. Each book has an exciting and original phonetic-based story on the left hand side and an interactive writing or spelling activity on the right hand side. This unique mix of reading and educational activities makes Active Readers an ideal tool for encouraging your reading-aged child and building their confidence. The design is fresh and clean and each book boasts beautiful artwork and quirky, fictional stories to make reading really fun.

Little Wizard Series

Letts Education

The pre-school magical series features a set of four colourfully illustrated books with a magical wizard theme that will entertain, as well as educate. The books focus on the core literacy, numeracy and associated skills set out by the government as the main educational goals of the Foundation Stage - the stage that leads up to the first year of primary school. A host of fun characters, including Little Wizard Pointy, will lead your child through the books. Each page features fun exercises for parents to do with their children; each exercise is accompanied by a parental note explaining the educational goal it sets out to achieve. Motivation is encouraged by reward stickers, which can be added to a fun, colourful wizard's cauldron at the back of the book.